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1 Break the Rules Hennig, Schleich 4:35
2 Drowning Hennig, Schleich 4:51
3 Future Strobel, Hennig, Schleich 5:02


Florian Schwöbel

trust yourself, don’t be paralyzed by fear
someone takes your place while you’re fucking around
to reach your goals is none to easy, just don’t quit
learn from mistakes, you wont give up this time

it will be hard, but stand your ground
it will be difficult, but rise again
and try once more

Break the rules, sometimes life is pain
don’t be afraid to fail, you cant always win
Trust yourself, you dont have to change
work your butt off, work your fucking butt off

Ignore and let them talk, naysayers never reach the top
you cant prevent to fall, grit your teeth and challenge yourself
and finally In the end you will gain the upper hand
Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Jackpot, you have all it takes

it will be hard, but stand your ground
it will be difficult, but rise again
it will pay off

Floating helpless trough the depths
a last breath just left the lungs
trying to scream, but only whispers
in cruel and endless agony

Memories running through the mind
Body sinks without a motion
as despair reachs out the hand

A fall that never ends, slowly drift away
as the last light disappears, all fades into the deep

theres no way out, its pulling reckless
the time has come, closing lifeless eyes
beyond the blue in the middle of nowhere
constricting veins,curtains fall and the tragedy begins

a final dead end
Heartbeats are getting slower
The Death comes as release

Imagine, a playful child sitting in the grass
with his magnifying glass, convinced everything, is alright
innocent, without vicious smiles pretend to know nothing about,
its just a game, burning thousands of lifes

we raise them to this kind of man, envy, frivolity and ignorance
to be ruthless, but they end up alone
we fool ourselfs and believe it, but deep down we know its true
time passes by

I close my eyes, i realise, Future’s denied
Resistance is the key to rescue me, Future’s denied

grown up, they’ve still not learned
the glass turns into a weapon to battle each otherin an un-worthy fight
Religion, racism and greed
devices to control, command, confuse and hold potentials back

our earth is exposed to those kids
they draw everyone into this bitter fate
time to face the truth

Our Future’s Denied, Our Future’s burning bright